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In its first year of trading, Mammy Jamia’s sold 103,000 jars of its preserves and had a turnover of 250,000. Today, the company has a growing range of premium products, manufactured and distributed by Kent-based Opies. McCoy Cookie Jars From the 1940s to the 1960s, McCoy was best known for its production of cookie jars. The original "Mammy" also known as the Aunt Jemima type cookie jar is arguably the most popular with McCoy cookie jar collectors. McCoy made cookie jars from about 1939 until production ceased in … This Great Looking Black Mammy Cookie Jar is 10 3/4" in height. This is a Brand New Jar, It is based on the Original by Mc Coy. It is even signed McCoy. Find great deals on eBay for mccoy mammy cookie jar and aunt jemima cookie jar. Shop with confidence.

Vintage Mammy cookie jar In excellent vintage condition with no chips or cracks. There is very light crazing. Measures approximately 10 tall with a base of 5 3/4 X 5 1/2. Jar is about 7 1/4 deep. Please see all photos for details.

Adding to our Black Americana collection, this wonderful Mammy cookie jar was distributed by the National Silver Company in the late 1940s / early 1950s. According to the Illustrated Value Guide to Cookie Jars, Book II, the National Silver Company 'was another distributor that did not manufacture any of the products they sold.

A mammy, also spelled mammie, is a U.S. Stereotype, especially in the South, for a black woman who worked in a white family and nursed the family's children. The mammy figure is rooted in the history of slavery in the United States.Black slave women were tasked with domestic and childcare work in white American slaveholding households.

Browse Mammy Jar today online. Find our extensive selection of Mammy Jar available for buying right now. Shop now. Jun 3, 2016 - Explore Barbara Davis's board "Black Mammy & Aunt Jemima Cookie Jars", followed by 353 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Aunt jemima cookie jar, Cookie jars, Cookie jars vintage. I've deleted a couple of shots after the mammy cookie jars in the kitchen were brought to my attention. I'm truly sorry for my oversight, and I'm grateful for the call-in about this. I'm embarrassed that I didn't notice or call them out myself earlier, and I'm committed to doing better in the future. Title: McCoy Cookie Jar Mammy with Cauliflowers, Price: $125 USD , Category: Porcelain & Pottery:By Maker:Mccoy:Cookie Jars, Shop: Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies, Description: This example is a reproduction of a cookie jar made by the McCoy Pottery Company in 1939. Originals of this cookie jar design used to sell in the $1,000 to $1,200 range.

Mammy's Cupboard sandwiches are served on homemade bread and are served with potato salad and a cup of soup. The Chicken Salad and Reuben Sandwiches are our most popular. We also serve Roast beef, Turkey, Ham and Swiss and Peanut Butter and jelly. VINTAGE McCOY MAMMY COOKIE JAR This vintage Mammy or Aunt Jemima McCoy cookie jar is in relative good condition, there are no chips and no cracks but does have some moderate crazing. It is a bit rough on bottom and inside rim of lid. It has a couple of small chips on base as pictured. Rarity. Some cookie jars are especially rare, and these cookie jars are generally more valuable. The astronaut cookie jar, for example is rare and regularly sells for around $500 in good condition.The McCoy Mammy jar, also known as the Aunt Jemima cookie jar, is another example of one that is rare.Even in damaged condition, one of these sold for almost $200. McCoy Aqua Mammy Cookie Jar. $700.00. Add to Cart. McCoy - Straight Top Teepee Cookie Jar. $1,850.00. Add to Cart. Indian Cookie Jar by McCoy. $1,950.00. Add to Cart. McCOY - Yosemite Sam Cookie Jar. $90.00. Add to Cart. World War II Land Mine RARE (One of only 3 known in existence) $2,500.00. Add to Cart. A cookie jar whether its a rare mccoy mammy jar kept behind glass or just a colorful clown container placed within easy reach for the kids a vintage cookie jar is exactly the sort of thing you want to get your hand caught in decorative cookie jars as a category of vintage kitchenware first appeared in the united states in the early 1930s the.

1920s cookie jars, Few kitchen items are as cheerful and welcoming as a cookie jar. Whether it's a rare McCoy Mammy jar kept behind glass or just a colorful clown container placed within easy reach for the kids, a vintage cookie jar is exactly the sort of thing you want to get your hand caught in! Ryan vs Mommy and Daddy in a Box Jar! Family Fun Kids Pretend Playtime with Ryan ToysReview! Ryan put mommy and daddy in a jar and the winner of the Nerf War... As the thick of Fashion Week in New York persists, the essentially buried news item of Vogue‘s longtime former creative director, Grace Coddington, being photographed by Brian Ferry for Les Echos S e with a bevy of Mammy jars behind her as she smiles, blithely oblivious to causing any offense, while holding a cat-shaped teapot seems to speak volumes about how easily dismissed "An engaging study of 'mammy,' the provocative figure of the African American nanny, cook, and housekeeper in white households . . . Wallace-Sanders reveals . . . Disturbing innuendos of mammy still relevant today, in particular the elevation in value of raising others' children at the expense of one's own." ---Choice"In this insightful analysis of representations of mammy, Wallace-Sanders