Husbands, did you ever buy your wife a beautiful necklace, only to get a half-hearted thank you from your wife, and she never wore it?  But when you told her how proud you were of her, or you simply gassed up her car, she lit up like a Christmas tree?  Maybe you’re wondering what it would take to ignite a spark between you two again, or you feel like you’re speaking different languages?  That may not be too far from the truth!  We’re talking love languages — we all have one, sometimes two, and if our loved one doesn’t “speak” it to us, we may feel out of sync, disconnected, or maybe we won’t even feel loved!

We’re going all the way back to 1995 for Gary Chapman’s groundbreaking book, “The 5 Love Languages”, which has helped millions of folks understand how to show others they are loved, in a way that they will recognize. And it’s not just for romantic relationships—our kids have their own love language too!