There are a lot of people who say they are a “Christian”.  But does that make them one?  What are the requirements to being a genuine Christian (and if you say “believe”, remember James says even the demons “believe”…and shudder).  And while we are not to judge a person’s salvation (that’s God’s job), are there ways to tip us off that the person we are talking with or listening to is not only not a genuine Christian, but is in fact clueless when it comes to what being a Christian really means?

We continue our discussion on what it means to be truly born again. What are the characteristics of a genuine Christian (fruit, love for our brothers & sisters in Christ, pursuing holiness and practicing righteousness)? And how can you tell when someone may be clueless or even dismissing of being “born again” despite professing to be a Christian? (verrry important to notice as we approach election time!)


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