In the midst of all the troubles we face, both within the Church and apart from Christ, we can take comfort in God’s perspective, which we find in the Bible. Today’s episode focuses away from the troubles of this world onto where our hope truly lies – in the hands of God who works in spite of the evil that runs so rampantly today.


What are you grateful for?

First of all, I am thankful for the grace of God defined in Titus 2:11-15. I am grateful that God is faithful even when I am NOT. I am grateful that God’s Word is sufficient and eternal truth. I am grateful that no scheme of Satan or man can thwart God’s plan.

I am grateful that we slowly more and more see God’s prophecies in the Bible fulfilled because it shows me His return might be imminent. I am grateful he continues to forgive me as I continue to sin and fall far short of what He desires for me. I am grateful for faithful pastors who continue to teach biblical prophecy.

I am even more grateful for faithful pastors who don’t just teach biblical prophecy but teach it in perspective of the urgency it should give us to live each day for God’s glory. I am grateful for the committed Christians I know that tirelessly go out and share the gospel in the darkest of places. I am grateful I have church Elders and a Ministry Board of Directors that teach me, guide me and hold me accountable as a man of God.

I am grateful for the wife and children God has given me, even though I am far from the perfect husband or father I should be. I am grateful for the Christian fellowship of brothers and sisters God has given to live me and challenge me to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ.

Although I still complain and whine more than I should, I am grateful for the challenges God allows in my life–because it shows He loves me and wants to grow me through pruning and discipline. I am grateful for Christians who actually think before they react in a knee jerk action or statement. Christians who realize a person can be wrong without necessarily being a heretic; Christians who look first within themselves when they have conflicts with others to see where they might be wrong. Christians who are humble.

I’m grateful for those Christians who toil in anonymity while others are in the spotlight of ministry. I am grateful for the men God has brought into my life who truly want to become better husbands and love their wives as Christ loves His church.