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TTWMN 169: Navigating Godly Living

So many people in this country call themselves Christians, but you’d never know it by looking at their lives. Being a Christian involves more than just saying you are one, even more than just raising your hand, repeating a sinner’s prayer and “asking Jesus into your heart.” In case you don’t realize this yet, He doesn’t just want a “place in your heart” — he wants you… all of you… all your plans, hopes, desires, abilities, emotions, thoughts, and even your rights. He doesn’t want you to have your “best life now” — He wants you to enter “Boot Camp,” preparing yourself spiritually for life eternal with Him in heaven. no, salvation in Christ isn’t just a nice, comfy add-on to your life, it becomes your life, and it’s the starting point of a journey that lasts forever. But that life comes with a responsibility. Here to tell us about that is teacher and author of the book, Broken Yet Blessed, Kathi McCarty.


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