Independence Day is just around the corner, when we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence that was the foundation of our country. Since then, every July 4th in this country we celebrate our “independence”, even embracing the spirit of independence as our national identity. While our founding fathers wanted independence from the tyranny of British rule, they knew something that we have forgotten, something that sadly seems so foreign to people today, we see it as counter-intuitive. That truth that John Adams, John Witherspoon and George Washington firmly grasped is that there is no true freedom without Jesus Christ. And they knew it wasn’t enough just to intellectually acknowledge Him, but true freedom comes from complete dependence on Him. Here to explore this topic with us today is teacher and author of the book “Broken yet Blessed”, Kathi McCarty.


Table Talk Notes

Our Goal and Need is Maintaining Dependent Status

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The nature of independence

Independence is not, in itself, sinful. How we exercise it, and what motivates it, determines its potential for good or evil. A child learns to walk. A child learns to disobey.


Independence: Any act that defies the intentions of God, His created order or His character.


How did we get there?

The seed of independence was planted at the fall of mankind. It came with a 2-prong spirit of fear which the enemy uses to keep us independent.

  • Fear of losing control
  • Fear of being revealed


Independence = freedom?

It is a lie of the enemy. It is in the Western psyche (the never be “less than” mentality). It can only be broken thru Christ. He gave all control over to the will of His Father. He became utterly revealed in His death.


Where the Spirit of (dependency on the) Lord is, there is freedom.


We are dependent on Holy Spirit to bring us into salvation AND lordship

Matt 16:16 – “Who do they say I am?”

John 20:22 – He breathed on them/salvation & establishes Lordship thru resurrection

Titus 3:5 – saves us….through the H.S.

Acts 4:12 – salvation ONLY thru Jesus


The H.S. teaches us God’s Word for growth, guidance and direction

1 Peter 2:2 – crave the Word

John 8:31 – Know the truth & be set free

John 16:13 – guides us into truth/sanctifies

Romans 8:14 – mature sons are led by HS

John 17:17 – we are “set apart” by truth


Dependency on one another

1 Cor 12: 7, 11 – gifts are for common good

1 Peter 4:8-11 – we express God’s grace toward one another

Romans 12:3-8 – we bring motivation by HS to each other

1 Cor 14:3 – we prophesy to strengthen, encourage and comfort each other

1 Thessalonians 5:14 – maintain a code of conduct

Romans 8:26-27 – we help each other win the victory thru prayer


The Challenge…

  • Who’s directing the work of your hands and the desires of your heart?
  • How are you “partnering” with God to achieve Kingdom purposes?
  • Are you advancing God’s Kingdom or your own agenda?


The Encouragement…

Gal 5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”


Freedom – emphasized by its position in the Greek sentence, meaning freed from the burden/yoke of the law, as in yoke of slavery

2 Tim 1:9 “…who called us with a holy calling…by grace”