Remember the dystopian George Orwell novel, “1984”? The plot warned of the dangers of a totalitarian society that strips all freedoms from its citizens. The tools it used to control people were constant surveillance, the requirement of complete conformity of thought and even memory, and complete devotion to the unseen leader, “Big Brother”. A new language called “Newspeak” was created to facilitate such control, eliminating the very ability of its people to have independent thought, and continually re-writing history to match the current narrative—for example, in “DoubleThink” the term “blackwhite” was used to indicate the desired outcome of citizens to not only believe black was now white, but also to forget black was ever black. If you’ve tried to listen to national news, read the newspaper, or talk with anyone who disagrees with you politically or theologically recently, maybe your adult kids, your employees, neighbors, or students be they high school or college, you may feel like you’re talking a different language as their definitions and historical context are completely foreign to you…and are filled with so many contradictions they don’t even make sense. Welcome to communication in a newspeak era.


Table Talk Notes



Newspeak:  (from “…coined by George Orwell in his 1949 anti-utopian novel 1984. In Orwell’s fictional totalitarian state, Newspeak was a language favored by the minions of Big Brother and, in Orwell’s words, “designed to diminish the range of thought.” Newspeak was characterized by the elimination or alteration of certain words, the substitution of one word for another, the interchangeability of parts of speech, and the creation of words for political purposes.”

(the following from Wikipedia on “Doublethink”, “Newspeak” & “Nineteen_Eighty-Four”)


Doublethink: Doublethink is basically the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. For example “blackwhite”: Applied to an opponent, it means the habit of “impudently” claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the “plain facts”. Applied to a Party member, it means a loyal willingness to say that black is white when Party discipline demands this. But it means also the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary. This demands a continuous alteration of the past, made possible by the system of thought which really embraces all the rest, and which is known in Newspeak as doublethink. (Today’s example: transgenderism, Antifa, Women’s Lib and #MeToo: strong but perpetual victims,dress like sexual object but don’t treat me as one)


Ministry of Plenty: rations and controls food, goods, and domestic production; every fiscal quarter, it publishes false claims of having raised the standard of living, when it has, in fact, reduced rations, availability, and production. The Ministry of Truth substantiates the Ministry of Plenty’s claims by revising historical records to report numbers supporting the current, “increased rations”.  (Today: ACA)


Ministry of Truth: controls information: news, entertainment, education, and the arts. Winston Smith works in the Minitrue RecDep (Records Department), “rectifying” historical records to concord with Big Brother’s current pronouncements so that everything the Party says is true.  (Today: Founding Fathers, Democrat party & KKK, Islam)


Ministry of Love: identifies, monitors, arrests, and converts real and imagined dissidents. In Winston’s experience, the dissident is beaten and tortured, and, when near-broken, he is sent to Room 101 to face “the worst thing in the world”—until love for Big Brother and the Party replaces dissension.  (Today: Islam, public ed)


Bellyfeel: refers to a blind, enthusiastic acceptance of an idea. (Democratic Socialism)


Crimethink: Newspeak word for thoughtcrime (thoughts that are unorthodox or outside the official government platform), as well as the verb meaning “to commit thoughtcrime”. Goodthink, which is approved by the Party, is the opposite of crimethink. Winston Smith, the main character, writes in his diary, “Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.”  (Political Correctness)


Duckspeak: Newspeak term that means “to quack like a duck” (literal meaning) or “to speak without thinking”. Duckspeak can be good or “ungood” (bad) depending on who is speaking, and whether what they are saying aligns with Big Brother’s ideals. To speak rubbish and lies may be “ungood”, but to do so for the benefit of The Party may be good. Like various words in the B vocabulary, duckspeak was ambivalent in meaning. Provided that the opinions which were quacked out were orthodox ones, it implied nothing but praise, and when the Times referred to one of the orators of the Party as a doubleplusgood duckspeaker it was paying a warm and valued compliment.” An example of duckspeak in action is provided in chapter 9, when an Inner Party speaker is haranguing the crowd about the crimes of Eurasia when a note is passed into his hand. He never stops speaking or changes his inflection, but (according to the changed Party position) he now condemns the crimes of Eastasia, which is Oceania’s new enemy.  (Ocasio-Cortez, entertainment industry)


Ownlife: refers to the tendency to enjoy being solitary or individualistic, which is considered subversive. Winston Smith comments that even to go for a walk by oneself can be regarded as suspicious.


Unperson: See also: Nonperson  An unperson is someone who has been “vapourized”—not only killed by the state, but erased from existence. Such a person would be written out of existing books, photographs and articles so that no trace of their existence could be found in the historical record. The idea is that such a person would, according to the principles of doublethink, be forgotten completely (for it would be impossible to provide evidence of their existence), even by close friends and family. Mentioning an unperson’s name, or even speaking of their past existence, is itself thoughtcrime; the concept that the person may have existed at one time and has disappeared cannot be expressed in Newspeak.


God’s Definitions for words the modern culture has radically changed

Love & Tolerance

Love: We covered how the New Testament has three different definitions for the word “love” because there are three different words for “love”.  American Christianity not only fails to distinguish between them but confuses people by inaccurately portraying one for another. The social justice gospel is portrayed as unconditional agape love when in reality it is a selfish love done out of being ashamed of the gospel that can save a man for eternity.  We pat ourselves on the back for our love and compassion for the poor, but in failing to share the bread of eternal life with them we actually help facilitate their separation from God in hell because deep down we are ashamed of Jesus’s words and fear we will be seen us narrow-minded or judgmental.


Tolerance:  The dictionary defines tolerance as “the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with”.


First, understand this:  God is not tolerant but He is patient.  His grace and mercy are patient, giving sinful men every opportunity to confess and repent before He weighs in with His eternal judgment that will determine where every man spends eternity.  But when we stand before Him in judgment He will not be tolerant of unrepentant sin.

Christians should be patient and tolerant with those who disagree with God.  No committed Christian believes adulterers or homosexuals should be put to death or in prison for their beliefs or actions.  When we interact with unbelievers in our neighborhood or at work we should respect them and even acknowledge their right to believe whatever they want to believe about God.

Radical liberals consider themselves the most tolerant people and paint Christians as intolerant.  But by the definition of tolerance, the exact opposite is true:

  • Biblical Christians believe that homosexuals or people struggling with gender confusion should be loved and respected.  The world is saying more and more boldly that there is no place for people who think homosexuality is a sin or that there are only two genders created by God.
  • Biblical Christians believe in forgiveness, no matter how offensive the crime.  Liberals are incapable of true forgiveness. They dig into the ancient history and actions of anyone who opposes their agenda, even lying to punish anyone that stands in their way.  One “mistake” and you will be destroyed, and that includes any opinion you have ever stated that contradicts their world view.
  • Christians are taught to love their friends and enemies.  The world uses “friends” to advance their agenda and will quickly turn on them if they dare ever stand in the way of their increasingly radical agenda.  Liberals also seek to destroy their enemies.


When we can point out these contradictions gracefully we can start to determine if the person is humble and willing to consider another perspective.  If they are not they may be approaching the state of a “reprobate mind” where even when confronted with obvious contradiction in their stated values and beliefs they double down on their deception and faulty beliefs.



Bigot, Homophobe, Misogynist and Racist

If you dare mention anything from God’s Word that discusses homosexuality, slavery or women, brace yourself because you are certain to be accused of being one or more of these.  And if you think your historic behavior that refutes these wild accusations will prove your innocence, sit down and have a talk with Judge Kavanaugh. You will be destroyed if you dare state any opinion or cite any biblical truth that contradicts the insanity of this increasingly liberal, self-worshiping world.  But let’s look at the dictionary’s definition of each of these words to see who is really guilty of these accusations.


Bigot:  “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions”.   Biblical Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin but that homosexuals should be treated with respect because they are human beings made in the image of God.  We love them enough to share the truth of God’s Word with them, but even if they reject it we respect them and are kind to them, even providing for their needs when they arise.  We are good neighbors and even friends with them.

Liberals, bolstered by the weakness of American Christianity, are the real bigots because if you disagree with their opinions you are called a hateful bigot no matter what your actions show.   Their actions prove they are the exact evil they accuse Christians of being, but because the definition of the word has been twisted Christians stand guilty in the court of public opinion as bigots.


Homophobe:  “a person with an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.”  The Bible teaches us to love and be kind to all people.  It teaches us that all sin is an affront to God, not just homosexuality.  It teaches that the hypocritical professing Christians who judges the eternal salvation of homosexuals while secretly practicing adultery and justifying it will be judged harshly by Jesus.  Biblical Christians are instructed to hate sin but always love the sinner.

The world is teaching people to hate anyone who is a “sinner” in their eyes.  Heterosexual people are being marginalized as having “antiquated beliefs” and classified as “Neanderthals”.  Liberals are the “heterophobes” who have an irrational fear of us, and we are seen as a threat so severe that we must be silenced at all costs.


Misogynist:  “a person who dislikes, despises or is strongly prejudiced against women.”   Now we must explore the inverse of this.  The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “misandrist” as a person who views men the same as a misogynist views women: with spite and strong prejudice.   Both of these of course are unbiblical and destructive and should not be tolerated in any civil society.  But which one is more prevalent in our nation? You can find hundreds of articles condemning all men as “pigs” and “low lifes”, but will need to search very hard for even one article condemning all women in a similar manner.  The #MeToo Movement is gaining power because it is backed by the belief that “women don’t lie about these things”.   That of course infers that any man who would refute a woman’s claim that he sexually harassed her would have to always be lying.  So who are the ones with a dislike, spite and strong prejudice against an entire sexual class? It is liberals and radical “feminists”, and because the American Christian Church panders to these two movements so the church can increase in numbers, men have become a pariah in the eyes of secular society.


Racist:  “a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another”.   Racism, as it is portrayed by the world, does not really exist.  The Bible teaches that there are different “tribes and tongues” but that there is only one human race and all are descendants of the same sinful father and mother, Adam and Eve.  The differences in our skin pigment and other distinguishing physical characteristics are a result of the migration of different people groups after the Great Flood. Genesis 10 gives the account of Noah’s descendants spreading across the earth, starting with Africa and Asia.

Judging a man or woman based on their skin tone is just an excuse for hating other people who are also made in the image of God.  And while sadly our nation for too long embraced slavery as a justifiable means of growing the economy, our eyes have been opened to this tragedy and we have made strives to correct this evil treatment of our fellow man.  But the pendulum has swung too far the other way as liberals use this issue to advance their agenda of power and control.