I think we can all agree that our culture and the world is changing at an ever increasing rate—just think of all the technology we have now that we didn’t have growing up: remember those hand-held calculators from Texas Instruments, VHS players which became DVD and then BluRay, cassette tapes and 8-tracks which became CDs and then you just needed to download music on your iPod, and now you don’t even need cable or satellite dishes to get your favorite programs, as internet streaming services abound. 

Lastly, we now we have mini computers in the palms of our hands in our smartphones, which are more powerful than the mega computers of a decade ago. With all these changes in technology, is it any wonder the goals we have in life have sometimes changed?

If you’re looking for a marker on just how much they’ve changed, all we need to do is look at children, who are the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” for this. So what are your Aspirations?