If you are a fan of red gemstone rings, our brilliant Rubellite Tourmaline Ring may be perfect for you. This stunning 2.2 carat round rubellite is set in an original design created by our master jewelers. This tourmaline ring is articulated with 1.20 carats of fine white diamonds. DESCRIPTION Species: Tourmaline, natural Variety: Rubellite Weight: 6.28 ct Transparency: Transparent Measurements: 15.95 x 10.46 x 6.56 mm Treatment: No Indication Certificate: ALGT 31951254 NOTES - All gems are sent with a certificate. - The origins are not certified by a laboratory, they are my gemological opinion. - The photos are taken at more than 10X, with macro lens, so there are

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Shop Ross-Simons for the finest collection of fine jewelry, gifts and more since 1952. 100% money back guarantee on every item, every order, every day. Choose from an incredible selection of jewelry and gifts at unbeatable prices. Ross-Simons fine jewelry includes diamonds, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, diamond engagement rings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and precious gemstone jewelry. Rubellite is a variety of elbaite, which is a lithium-bearing tourmaline. It is distinguished by its pinkish red or crimson color, which is caused by the presence of Mn 3+ and a small amount of iron. Transparent crystals of rubellite are precious stones of order II (seeGEMS). A lively symmetrical motif takes shape as a thrilling pendant in a captivating high jewelry design. Extraordinary gems chosen for their vibrant color come together in a burst of color with exquisite dimensionality as part of a unique jewelry collection in the creative tradition of the House of Harry Winston. This pendant features a 2.27 carat round intense pink rubellite center stone with 12 This page was last edited on 15 July 2019, at 17:48. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Game content and materials are trademarks and … -Rubellite-Scratcher Joined 3 years, 3 months ago United States. About me. Currently the second part of my huge Jade and Rubellite bomb is out please Rp, because it lonely Im Always Open For an RP!!! What I'm working on. Online~( ) Offline~( ) Featured Project ~About Me~Rubellite~ All items for sale, Search: Ring Rubellite. We serve cookies Our website uses cookies, which help us to improve our site and enables us to deliver the best possible service and customer experience, as well as to provide social media features.

The rubellite is a particularly beautiful gemstone from the colourful family of the tourmalines. Its colour shines in the most beautiful nuances from red to shocking pink.

Recipes using Raw Rubellite Item Skill Fire Ward Mega-Potion (& 50★★) Rubellite (41) Used in Supply Mission Supply and Provisioning Mission Item Miner Supply Mission (Level 45) x … Rubellite stimulates courage and inspires you to protect and stay committed to what you truly love. Moonstone was named for its association with the Moon. The Moon is a deeply feminine symbol and serves as a middle ground between the light of the Sun and the darkness of night. In this way, the Moon can be considered a bridge between the Himalaya Mine, Gem Hill, Mesa Grande Mining District, San Diego County, California, USA Dimensions: 6.3 cm x 2.2 cm x 2 cm 6.3 x 2.2 x 2.0 cm. Rubellite tourmaline with purple lepidolites and the lower portion of the crystal has a green interior.

Rubellite is not only rare among gemstones but it is also the rarest variety of tourmaline next to the coveted Paraiba gem. With the exception of ruby rubellite is the only gemstone that forms in such a rich dark red color. Like precious ruby rubellite derives its name from the Latin word "rubellus " meaning red. Rubellite is available in a wide range of colors from pink to red. Rubellite gets its name from the Latin word rubellus meaning reddish . Or ruber meaning red . The name Tourmaline is from the Singhalese word tourmali , meaning mixed colored stones because Tourmalines were often confused with other gems, especially Zircon gems.

Rubellite and Pink Tourmaline are Type 3 gems and can almost always be expected to display eye visible inclusions, whilst all other colors are Type 2. The following chart shows you how Type 2 stones are judged for Clarity. Judging Cut in Tourmaline. Rubellite Tourmaline QTY-1. SIZE: 3"-5" FACTS:-Rubellite is the pink to red variety of tourmaline-Tourmaline is found in elongated crystals that are most often cut in the long rectangular shape, but rubellite tourmaline gems are also usually found as cushions, ovals, rounds, emerald cuts, and occasionally trillion or other unique shapes the pink to red variety of tourmaline