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Table Talk With Mike & Nancy is weekly podcast. Each episode is full of nuggets that Mike and Nancy have learned along the way. Check out some of our past episodes!

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TTWMN 185: I Am The Bread Of Life

Many who consider themselves “Christians” these days seem to miss the point—they want their ticket to heaven punched so they’ve added Jesus to their already-full lives, like buying an insurance policy. Or they want the best this life here has to offer, expecting Jesus to “reward” them for signing on with the blessings of success […]

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TTWMN 179: A Life Of Dependency

Independence Day is just around the corner, when we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence that was the foundation of our country. Since then, every July 4th in this country we celebrate our “independence”, even embracing the spirit of independence as our national identity. While our founding fathers wanted independence from the tyranny […]

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TTWMN 178: Are You The One?

Sometimes when I’m watching the news or reading articles on the “feminization” of our society, and see the behavior of those who should be acting like adults but instead resemble spoiled kids on sugar, I realize that apparently no one is teaching them the lessons generations before them have learned. Add in the seeming impotence […]

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