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TTWMN 205: Integrity

There is something we can have that is more priceless than any amount of money in our bank account or 401K. It’s more important than having a great job, social standing or powerful connections. You could say it’s even more important than what you’ll eat today, having shelter and clothes to wear…because if you DON’T have it, you will always be looking over your shoulder, always be wondering when you’ll be found out, laying awake at night thinking about all the opportunities you blew to do the right thing, and how many people that may have hurt. Nothing can destroy Christian witness faster than lacking this—because nobody will believe whatever you say if you lack it. Today’s topic is integrity.

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TTWMN 204: Mercy Me

Have you ever been tempted to lash out at a driver who is driving too slow, too fast, recklessly, irrationally or inconsistently (one of my favorites: going slow, then speeding up when you try to pass—or the opposite, whizzing past you only to pull in front of you and slow way down)? Maybe, if you’re like me, you find yourself in mid rant…only to be reminded by the Lord of when you displayed similar behavior, or as Mike and I like to say when we do something clueless while driving, “Sorry, Tourists!” All of a sudden, all of your righteous indignation at the mistakes of others turns to sheepishly muttering, well maybe they aren’t familiar with the area and don’t know where they’re going or maybe they have an emergency, or maybe they are driving only as fast as they feel safe driving…and you are thankful they aren’t driving up to your speedy standards. Oh yes, we are awfully fond of the mercy we are shown, but mighty stingy with giving it in return, especially when we don’t feel it’s been earned. But if it’s earned, it isn’t mercy, is it?

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TTWMN 203: Cultivating Character

One thing seems obvious these days: there seems to be an amazing lack of character at work in folks today. Why is that? Is it not being taught (pretty likely)? Or is it that the splintering of our country, once called “the Melting Pot”, into multitudes of special interest groups has led to an “every man for himself” mentality…survival of the fittest, the craftiest, the most selfish. We used to have shared values… Godly values, that were taught not only in church, but also in the homes and schools as well. We know that God wants more for us than what we have now—but how do we get back to the godly character that leads to a civil society, and more than that, spreads the gospel to the lost in this world? With us to show us how step by step is teacher and author of the book, “Broken Yet Blessed,” Kathi McCarty.

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TTWMN 202: Abuse in the Church

A couple weeks ago we did a topic that struck a nerve with many of you, when we talked about Narcissism in the Church. Apparently lots of us have had experience with narcissists, and sadly, too many of us have experienced some form of abuse in our past, with a parent, with a spouse, and even with those who have been ordained and charged with protecting our souls. While that last one is far more rare, it does seem to be common that someone victimized by an abuser can be hurt all over again when she tries to get help from her church, only to be told, “you just need to submit.” And So today we’re taking a candid look at abuse in the Church. Here to lead us in this topic is teacher and author of the book, “Broken Yet Blessed”, Kathi McCarty.

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TTWMN 201: Narcissism in the Church

Maybe you’ve come across people in your life or in your friend’s life that sure look amazingly good, maybe are in positions of power, perhaps even in the church… and yet something in you feels that “something ain’t right”. There is a “red flag” in your spirit and a still, small voice whispering to you, “Look closer”, and if you still can’t figure out what’s wrong, that small voice may even say “you’re not asking the right questions.” But you’re afraid to ask those questions, to dig deeper, because you seem to be the only one who has a problem with this person. Then you start to question whether you are really feeling or seeing or hearing what you think you are, and maybe you’re just crazy. You’re not alone. This unfortunately is the exact same experience many have had. And the numbers are growing as our culture has fostered an extreme focus on “self”. Yes, we are becoming surrounded by Narcissism…and sadly, the Church is no exception. Here with us today to explain what is going on, how to discern the signs and how to deal with it is teacher and author of the book “Broken Yet Blessed”, Kathi McCarty, with a lesson called, “Unveiling Narcissism in the Church.”

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TTWMN 200: Problem of Pain

We don’t like pain. Nobody does. We go to great lengths to avoid it for ourselves, and if we can’t avoid it, we try to ignore it. And if we can’t ignore it, we try to numb it with alcohol, drugs, food or some other indulgence of the flesh to take our minds off of it. If that weren’t bad enough, we also try everything to shield our kids from experiencing pain. We haven’t done them any favors—we’ve actually handicapped them from experiencing the fullness of life, robbed them of the best tool they could have to become responsible, productive, fully-functioning adults. Yes, we need our pain, and our kids do too.

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TTWMN 199: What’s Tearing Us Apart

Here’s a vocabulary word for today: “strife”, defined as “angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues; conflict.” Merriam Webster includes the idea of a “struggle for superiority” in strife. While you don’t need to look too far today to see examples of strife in the news, between political parties, interest groups and even generations, Christians are now experiencing increasing strife in places that maybe we never thought we would. And if we don’t first check ourselves and our motives before engaging in it with those closest to us, this strife can have devastating consequences.

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TTWMN 198: Family Faith Foundations

Over the past month, I think Mike and I have done a pretty good job of laying out a snapshot of what is wrong with kids today and the world in general. With shows like “Losing our Kids”, “(So You) Think You’re So Smart” and “The Attack on Manhood”, I’d go so far as to say we’ve likely scared the heck out of you and maybe caused you to seek the fetal position.


We know from what Jesus said that the world would be just like this in the Last Days… but the one thing I think we’ve failed to do with these shows is the very thing we need to do, that we ALL need to do, which is to encourage each other with practical, doable, biblical steps on how to make sure we provide the absolute best foundation on which our families can not only survive, but actually thrive in these turbulent times. Make no mistake, your kids still have free will to choose which path they will travel, as do we all, but if we don’t lay a good foundation for them, the world will likely devour them.

So today, we’ll explore how to provide the best chance for them, and us, to choose Christ over the World, to choose that narrow path, by laying Family Faith Foundations.

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TTWMN 197: The Attack on Manhood

In case you haven’t noticed in younger generations these days, men aren’t what they used to be. And if you’re a “Baby Boomer” like us, you may be stunned at the diminishing of men in education, entertainment and society—it’s actually been going on for a while, maybe begun as an attempt to “right some wrongs” in how women were treated and girls were trained. But now the tables have flipped, and all statistics show that girls are the ones prospering, while men keep falling behind farther and farther. And whether you blame the removal of fathers in the Great Society, boys’ obsessions with video gaming, the re-engineering of our education curriculum and methods to favor girls, the treatment of masculinity as “toxic” in our universities’ “Women’s Studies” programs, or the actual effects of toxic chemicals which disrupt the endocrine system, you can’t deny that men aren’t what they used to be. So today, we’ll explore the reasons and remedies in “The Attack on Manhood”.

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TTWMN 196: (So You) Think You’re So Smart

We’ve all heard the saying “knowledge is king!” But the Bible has a different view. In 2nd Corinthians 12:8 Paul says that “knowledge will pass away” one day. And the Bible makes it clear, there’s a strong distinction between knowledge and wisdom. As the myriads of protesting high school and college students has aptly and repeatedly demonstrated, you can have tons of knowledge filling your head, but completely lack the wisdom to use it correctly, and most importantly to discern truth thru that forest of facts. That’s because wisdom begins not with what you know…but Who you know. Psalm 111:10 tells us “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” So when we pursue human knowledge and believe everything the world is telling us, are we falling for a great deception?

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TTWMN 195: Losing Our Kids

The recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida has shocked the country with its brazenness and cruelty, but also with its obvious preventability. Any parent who has raised their kids with morals and values, only to see them reject those morals and values, and even Christ Himself after they’ve headed off to college, could tell you that something has been wrong in our culture for a long time now. But now it seems as if the entire generation has lost the ability to reason, as behaviors get more and more erratic, violent, seemingly out of control. You might blame a political party, atheistic professors, ADHD or even the NRA, but the truth is that as parents, you are not helpless against this dark tide. Today’s topic is “Losing Our Kids”, but we won’t leave you without hope—we have some articles with excellent suggestions, even steps you can take toward undoing the damage and reclaiming your kids.

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TTWMN 194: Four Principles for a Peaceful & Godly Life

So this is the season of “Peace on earth, goodwill to men”…have you been to the mall lately, especially the parking lots and checkout lines? And don’t even get me started on Facebook—friendships and even families have been torn apart, with political offenses starting feuds that seem destined to last a lifetime. But that Peace I referenced earlier wasn’t just a “positive affirmation” that will come to pass if we all just put a “coexist” bumper sticker on our cars. And it, or I should say “He”, didn’t come on that night over 2000 years ago just to make us “happy” or fulfill our dreams, at least not by the world’s standards. That Peace Who came on that silent and holy night in Bethlehem didn’t come so we could have our “best life now”, He came so we could have His life…a life of joy and peace no matter your circumstances, a life that embraces suffering here for the glory to come. And it’s a life of humility, often requiring us to lay down our own desires, our own need to be “right” or to “win” the argument, and our right to be offended at the harmful words and actions of others. Here today to explain is teacher and author Kathi McCarty.

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