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Category: Church Life

TTWMN 202: Abuse in the Church

A couple weeks ago we did a topic that struck a nerve with many of you, when we talked about Narcissism in the Church. Apparently lots of us have had experience with narcissists, and sadly, too many of us have experienced some form of abuse in our past, with a parent, with a spouse, and even with those who have been ordained and charged with protecting our souls. While that last one is far more rare, it does seem to be common that someone victimized by an abuser can be hurt all over again when she tries to get help from her church, only to be told, “you just need to submit.” And So today we’re taking a candid look at abuse in the Church. Here to lead us in this topic is teacher and author of the book, “Broken Yet Blessed”, Kathi McCarty.

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TTWMN 201: Narcissism in the Church

Maybe you’ve come across people in your life or in your friend’s life that sure look amazingly good, maybe are in positions of power, perhaps even in the church… and yet something in you feels that “something ain’t right”. There is a “red flag” in your spirit and a still, small voice whispering to you, “Look closer”, and if you still can’t figure out what’s wrong, that small voice may even say “you’re not asking the right questions.” But you’re afraid to ask those questions, to dig deeper, because you seem to be the only one who has a problem with this person. Then you start to question whether you are really feeling or seeing or hearing what you think you are, and maybe you’re just crazy. You’re not alone. This unfortunately is the exact same experience many have had. And the numbers are growing as our culture has fostered an extreme focus on “self”. Yes, we are becoming surrounded by Narcissism…and sadly, the Church is no exception. Here with us today to explain what is going on, how to discern the signs and how to deal with it is teacher and author of the book “Broken Yet Blessed”, Kathi McCarty, with a lesson called, “Unveiling Narcissism in the Church.”

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TTWMN 198: Family Faith Foundations

Over the past month, I think Mike and I have done a pretty good job of laying out a snapshot of what is wrong with kids today and the world in general. With shows like “Losing our Kids”, “(So You) Think You’re So Smart” and “The Attack on Manhood”, I’d go so far as to say we’ve likely scared the heck out of you and maybe caused you to seek the fetal position.


We know from what Jesus said that the world would be just like this in the Last Days… but the one thing I think we’ve failed to do with these shows is the very thing we need to do, that we ALL need to do, which is to encourage each other with practical, doable, biblical steps on how to make sure we provide the absolute best foundation on which our families can not only survive, but actually thrive in these turbulent times. Make no mistake, your kids still have free will to choose which path they will travel, as do we all, but if we don’t lay a good foundation for them, the world will likely devour them.

So today, we’ll explore how to provide the best chance for them, and us, to choose Christ over the World, to choose that narrow path, by laying Family Faith Foundations.

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TTWMN 193: Servanthood – It’s An Issue Of The Heart

Too often in altar calls, especially at youth events, Jesus is marketed as someone who loves you, who wants to make your life wonderful…give you your best life now. All you have to do is invite him into your heart and he’ll be your best buddy, your benefactor and protector from all things bad in this life, as long as you ask with the magic words “in Jesus’ name” and have faith he’ll do it. And, oh yeah, in the life to come you get to go to heaven instead of hell (if hell even exists). While we could debate that in some way, some of these things are true (undoubtedly not in the way we think), we can certainly say that this seeker-friendly “gospel” is incomplete—there’s no repentance, admitting you’re a sinner deserving of Hell, hopelessly lost without Him. All focus is on Jesus as Savior, and none is on Jesus as Lord…Master…as in, He bought us with a very steep price, His own blood, so He owns us now. There’s no counting of that cost, where our lives are no longer ours to do whatever we want, and where there is responsibility that comes with that free gift of grace that saved us. So the question today is, “Who owns you?” Whether you admit it or not, everyone on this earth is a slave—you’re either a slave to sin, or you’ve willingly given yourself to the Lord as His servant. So as His servants, what are our responsibilities, and what should true servanthood in the Body of Christ look like? Here to explain it all to us today is teacher and author of the book, Broken Yet Blessed, Kathi McCarty.

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TTWMN 189: I AM The Resurrection

I’ve noticed that we Christians spend a whole lot of time talking about Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice, dying on a cross to pay the penalty for our sins and satisfy God’s wrath. And while that is indeed a worthy topic, the only time it seems we focus on Christ’s resurrection is at Easter time. But the Resurrection was highly important to the apostles, a topic they focused on even more at times than the Cross—Paul even devoted all of 1 Corinthians chapter 15 to explain just why it was so important. With us today is teacher and author of the book “Broken Yet Blessed,” Kathi McCarty, who will help us understand this topic.

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TTWMN 182: I Am The Good Shepherd

You’re a sheep—at least you are if you’re a true follower of Christ. We all are, and many times we act just as stubborn and stupid as sheep can act. But the good news is we aren’t just left to our own supposed self-sufficiency, because Jesus called himself our Shepherd. And He’s not just any hired-hand of a shepherd, Jesus is the kind of shepherd who loves and cares for His sheep so well, He even lays down his own life to save them. Here to explain is our favorite teacher Kathi McCarty, with a lesson from John chapter 10.

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TTWMN 178: Are You The One?

Sometimes when I’m watching the news or reading articles on the “feminization” of our society, and see the behavior of those who should be acting like adults but instead resemble spoiled kids on sugar, I realize that apparently no one is teaching them the lessons generations before them have learned. Add in the seeming impotence of the Church in America and Europe against the tough issues and tragedies that are so prevalent these days, and I wonder, “where have all the men gone?” You know, the great defenders of justice like John Wayne or the Lone Ranger, who always protected the weak. Or those stalwart dads, the Sheriff Taylors or Ward Cleavers, who always knew what to say and what to do to help their kids navigate the pitfalls of life. One thing is sure, we are in desperate need for some “heroes”, for some leaders to step up and bravely lead, like those men did 73 years ago on the beaches of Normandy. Fathers’ Day is right around the corner, and I can’t think of a more appropriate topic to explore today, and here to lead us is teacher and author of the book “Broken Yet Blessed,” Kathi McCarty.

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TTWMN 176: The Heart Speaks

Face it: it’s getting more and more difficult to keep your cool these days. Between the increasing rudeness, aggressiveness and selfishness on full display out there, it doesn’t take much to rattle us, or even push us over the edge. Add to that the political rancor and decline of any kind of morality, kindness and values in society, and we all may want to just curl up in the fetal position until Jesus comes. But remember, we live in a fallen world, and we’ve been warned that it would be like this as the clock ticks down to the Last Day. We are supposed to better. We are supposed to be the lifeline to this dying world. We are supposed to be the example of love, grace and humility—we’re supposed to be like Jesus. So here to test how well we’re doing is teacher and author of the book “Broken yet Blessed,” Kathi McCarty.

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TTWMN 173: Preparing Kids for the Future

In the last few weeks we saw some major developments in the Middle East and North Korea, possibly causing some of you to worry about the potential for war, and others to expectantly look to the sky for Jesus’ return. And regardless of what you think all this means for you, I know many parents and grandparents who carry the special burden of worrying about how the generations after them will cope, wondering “what will they go through?” and maybe most importantly, “will they remain faithful?” After all, the Enemy has already done a great job undermining Judeo-Christian values in culture, and twisting the Bible to subvert and misguide many professing Christians. So today we’ll take a look at some areas that are the biggest potholes that can sidetrack or even derail their faith.

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TTWMN 170: Kingdom Eyes

We’ve all done it at least once these days: you’re watching the news, reading the paper, checking your email or social media, and you start to feel your blood pressure rise, your stomach twist, your heart ache. Through the stark godlessness, the blatant hostility, the incessant demands to not be offended, you are confronted with the reality that the world is changing, and you no longer recognize it, let alone belong here. But as a believer in Christ, this is the point, isn’t it? Shouldn’t you be rejoicing at getting this wake-up call? This reminder that this world is NOT your home? We’ve grown accustomed to peacefully coexisting in hostile territory, quietly walking on eggshells and compromising our values and beliefs, going along to get along, and getting way too wrapped up in hanging on to our place in this world. We need to focus our eyes on our real home, our real mission, our real life—and to do that, we need Kingdom eyes.

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TTWMN 169: Navigating Godly Living

So many people in this country call themselves Christians, but you’d never know it by looking at their lives. Being a Christian involves more than just saying you are one, even more than just raising your hand, repeating a sinner’s prayer and “asking Jesus into your heart.” In case you don’t realize this yet, He doesn’t just want a “place in your heart” — he wants you… all of you… all your plans, hopes, desires, abilities, emotions, thoughts, and even your rights. He doesn’t want you to have your “best life now” — He wants you to enter “Boot Camp,” preparing yourself spiritually for life eternal with Him in heaven. no, salvation in Christ isn’t just a nice, comfy add-on to your life, it becomes your life, and it’s the starting point of a journey that lasts forever. But that life comes with a responsibility. Here to tell us about that is teacher and author of the book Broken Yet Blessed, Kathi McCarty.

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