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Category: Divorce

TTWMN 216: Cultivating Joy For Today

There are a lot of angry, frustrated, and downright depressed people out there these days—not much common courtesy, kindness or compassion on display. Maybe it’s just politics, or maybe people are weighed down with the increasing burden of surviving the world’s ever-growing preponderance of futility, lawlessness, and hopelessness (or maybe both). But wait a minute…for those who claim to be Christians, this world is NOT our real “home”. We’re supposed to remember that our real life is with Christ in heaven, where we are to keep our eyes focused, and we’re only passing thru here, hoping to bring people with us. Those saved by the blood of Christ should be different, look different, and live different in these times—but sadly I know too many who are in just as dark a place as the rest of the world. What is missing is the joy that should be so overwhelming it spills out of our every pore. Here today to teach us how to cultivate that joy in our lives is teacher and author of the book “Broken yet blessed”, Kathi McCarty.

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TTWMN 167: Defining Greatness

Do you ever think about sharing the gospel and break out in a nervous sweat, knowing you’ll just mess it up? Do you read where Jesus said “you will do even greater works” than he did, and feel totally inadequate? Do you ever think about all things you should be doing for the Kingdom and feel like a total failure?

Well today, we’re going to encourage you with a study of someone who maybe felt the same, and he was often messing up. But because he loved the Lord, God was able to use him mightily. After all, it really is true that “God doesn’t call the qualified – He qualifies the called.” So here today with a lesson called “Defining Greatness: A Model Found in the Life of Peter” is teacher and author of the author of the book, Broken Yet Blessed, Kathi McCarty.

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TTWMN 154: The Illusion of Control

I admit it—I like being in control.

And if you’re honest with yourself, I bet you like it too—that feeling of power, of security, of “no surprises” that makes us think we’re safe and we have it all together. But if we examine our lives from God’s standpoint, we’d have to acknowledge that the control we think we have over our lives, especially our circumstances, is really an illusion. So let’s take a closer look at the ways we try to control and stay in control, but also at those things that actually are in our control.

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