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Category: Family

TTWMN 232: Rebuilding Babel

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get along? If there were no more fights between factions over who was more right, no more class struggles between the “haves” and the “have nots”, no more discrimination or judgmentalism on how & where we chose to live or what we chose to believe, no more poverty or hunger as everyone shared what they had with everyone else, and everyone had free education, a living wage and health care? Sounds heavenly, right? Our children are taught from pre-K thru college and graduate school that these things are all rights that every human is entitled to. While some or maybe all of them sound great, every society on this earth that has tried to implement all these things has failed, or is in the process of failing. And we’re not talking just “oh well, that didn’t work”, we’re talking total bankruptcy, massive inflation so people could no longer afford a loaf of bread, entire cultures and ways of life taken away, and millions imprisoned or killed for not keeping in lockstep with the mandated “group think” necessary to maintain such a society. We crave Unity with every fiber of our being, desiring it so much that we fail to ask, “unity with whom, over what?” The whole world is offering all such unity, all the goodies, where all can live in “utopia”—only problem is, they are explicit in this: The God of the Bible can have no place in it. So today’s show is about Globalism, and why Christians should fight it—we’re calling this episode “Rebuilding Babel”.

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TTWMN 223: 10 Things I Hate About You

Relationships are tricky things, and maintaining balance in them between each other’s needs and desires can sometimes be like tip-toeing through a minefield. But it doesn’t have to be that way… all you have to do is ignore everything the world and political correctness says is right and just, everything it says you deserve, and you’ll have no problems at all! Well… that’s not exactly right, but it is a pretty good start. If you want a wonderful, perfect marriage, your only hope is to embrace the S word… submission. But before we get there, let’s clear the air about the things that really sabotage marriages, involving the ten things we do to each other that really undermine the intimacy you were hoping to have.

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TTWMN 198: Family Faith Foundations

Over the past month, I think Mike and I have done a pretty good job of laying out a snapshot of what is wrong with kids today and the world in general. With shows like “Losing our Kids”, “(So You) Think You’re So Smart” and “The Attack on Manhood”, I’d go so far as to say we’ve likely scared the heck out of you and maybe caused you to seek the fetal position.


We know from what Jesus said that the world would be just like this in the Last Days… but the one thing I think we’ve failed to do with these shows is the very thing we need to do, that we ALL need to do, which is to encourage each other with practical, doable, biblical steps on how to make sure we provide the absolute best foundation on which our families can not only survive, but actually thrive in these turbulent times. Make no mistake, your kids still have free will to choose which path they will travel, as do we all, but if we don’t lay a good foundation for them, the world will likely devour them.

So today, we’ll explore how to provide the best chance for them, and us, to choose Christ over the World, to choose that narrow path, by laying Family Faith Foundations.

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TTWMN 197: The Attack on Manhood

In case you haven’t noticed in younger generations these days, men aren’t what they used to be. And if you’re a “Baby Boomer” like us, you may be stunned at the diminishing of men in education, entertainment and society—it’s actually been going on for a while, maybe begun as an attempt to “right some wrongs” in how women were treated and girls were trained. But now the tables have flipped, and all statistics show that girls are the ones prospering, while men keep falling behind farther and farther. And whether you blame the removal of fathers in the Great Society, boys’ obsessions with video gaming, the re-engineering of our education curriculum and methods to favor girls, the treatment of masculinity as “toxic” in our universities’ “Women’s Studies” programs, or the actual effects of toxic chemicals which disrupt the endocrine system, you can’t deny that men aren’t what they used to be. So today, we’ll explore the reasons and remedies in “The Attack on Manhood”.

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TTWMN 195: Losing Our Kids

The recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida has shocked the country with its brazenness and cruelty, but also with its obvious preventability. Any parent who has raised their kids with morals and values, only to see them reject those morals and values, and even Christ Himself after they’ve headed off to college, could tell you that something has been wrong in our culture for a long time now. But now it seems as if the entire generation has lost the ability to reason, as behaviors get more and more erratic, violent, seemingly out of control. You might blame a political party, atheistic professors, ADHD or even the NRA, but the truth is that as parents, you are not helpless against this dark tide. Today’s topic is “Losing Our Kids”, but we won’t leave you without hope—we have some articles with excellent suggestions, even steps you can take toward undoing the damage and reclaiming your kids.

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TTWMN 188: Protecting Innocence

There is no doubt anymore that the Enemy now has the full and even enthusiastic support of society to ensnare your kids in a lifetime of slavery to sin. And while the recent headlines of Teen Vogue or plots & characters of Disney Channel’s Doc McStuffins may have shocked us, we know the country has been going this direction for a long, long time. Public education, the media and the entertainment industry have been making a concerted effort to subvert the morality of our children for decades, an effort now aided by parents either too lazy or too afraid to step up and put boundaries on their kids…you know, actually “parent” them, teaching them right from wrong, giving them boundaries, and teaching them their choices have consequences for which they and they alone are responsible.

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TTWMN 175: Christian Relationships (Part 2)

As Christians we are called to love all people, even those who hate us or would persecute us for our belief in Jesus Christ. But even we as Christians, saved by God’s grace but still struggling with our sinful and selfish nature, do not often know how to love others well. And loving all people does not mean loving them equally or in the same way. So just how can we do that the way God commands us to as His children?

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TTWMN 173: Preparing Kids for the Future

In the last few weeks we saw some major developments in the Middle East and North Korea, possibly causing some of you to worry about the potential for war, and others to expectantly look to the sky for Jesus’ return. And regardless of what you think all this means for you, I know many parents and grandparents who carry the special burden of worrying about how the generations after them will cope, wondering “what will they go through?” and maybe most importantly, “will they remain faithful?” After all, the Enemy has already done a great job undermining Judeo-Christian values in culture, and twisting the Bible to subvert and misguide many professing Christians. So today we’ll take a look at some areas that are the biggest potholes that can sidetrack or even derail their faith.

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TTWMN 154: The Illusion of Control

I admit it—I like being in control.

And if you’re honest with yourself, I bet you like it too—that feeling of power, of security, of “no surprises” that makes us think we’re safe and we have it all together. But if we examine our lives from God’s standpoint, we’d have to acknowledge that the control we think we have over our lives, especially our circumstances, is really an illusion. So let’s take a closer look at the ways we try to control and stay in control, but also at those things that actually are in our control.

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